Set up AMECTech applications on the Autodesk Cloud


BIMSearch is a web application allowing data extraction from BIM models that are stored on the Autodesk BIM 360 platform.
In order for it to work, BIMSearch needs to be added to your BIM 360 hosting hub.

Below are the instructions for giving these permissions.

Part 1:

If you already have API activated, skip to part 2

Send email to

Subject – “BIM 360 Docs – API Activation Request.”

Include in the mail 

BIM 360 Account ID

BIM 360 Account Name

BIM 360 Account Admin email address

Part 2:

Log in using your Account Admin

Click on the Account Admin tab at the top left of the browser (fig.1)

Click on the Apps tab (fig.2)

Select the BIMSearch app (fig.2)

Follow Autodesk’s authorization prompts (fig.3)

Check that BIMSearch is active and can be opened (fig.4)

Once you have completed this process, every user can log in via

If you need further support, contact Guy on +972 3 643 28 08.